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  • DIY: How to remove stubborn arm pit stains from fabrics

    Posted on May 2, 2014 by in DIY

    For those out there who have experienced stubborn arm pit stains with their clothing, I have a tip for you. In this post, I will demonstrate how to use Fast Orange Hand Cleaner to remove stubborn arm pit stains. Even though, I have used this method for years, like any product ALWAYS PERFORM A SPOT TEST […]

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  • DIY: Cheap Deodorant Remover

    Posted on October 31, 2013 by in DIY

    This DIY is an inexpensive and very simple way to remove those annoying deodorant stains from your clothes. Surprising, your remover is free and comes on your dry cleaners hanger. Step 1: Remove the foam piece from your dry cleaning hanger. Step 2: Fold the foam over until you have a comfortable size to work. Step 3: Rub […]

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