• DIY: How to remove stubborn arm pit stains from fabrics

    For those out there who have experienced stubborn arm pit stains with their clothing, I have a tip for you. In this post, I will demonstrate how to use Fast Orange Hand Cleaner to remove stubborn arm pit stains. Even though, I have used this method for years, like any product ALWAYS PERFORM A SPOT TEST on the fabric. If you have any questions, email me.

    Supplies you will need:

    Fast Orange Hand Cleaner and a clean towel.

    Before photo: Armpit stain on Ventage gown

    Before photo: Armpit stain from deodorant on vintage gown

    lorettat-attachmentStep 1
    Place clean towel in between front and back of garment between stain.
    Example: you don’t want to push your stain you’re trying to remove onto another
    place on your garment. :-)

    Step 2
    With cold water only,
    Wet/dampen the stained area to prep it to receive the cleaner you will be using.















    Step 3

    Only use a pea size amount of
    At a time, especially on vintage garments.
    Always “spot text” any cleaner you are using to check that the cleaner will not damage the fabric or remove it’s color. (Do this on the inside of garment, inside hem, seam allowance, etc.)

    hand2Step 4

    With both hands, gentle rub fabric to fabric.
    Note 4: Do not use brush or cloth

    The example garment is vintage and a delicate silk brocade blend fiber. Therefore, I clean only the stained area first to see how it reacts and if it will even remove the old stain.
    With this type of fabric, you would more than likely get a water ring left behing after it dries. When I see that the fabric is not getting damaged, I go ahead and wash the whole garment By Hand, in a clean sink.
    Step 5: Rinse garment. Hang to dry.










    Stain Free Garment

    Stain Free Garment

    If you have any questions, please email me. I hope you have a stain free garment! :-)