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HatDesigner-Set Costumer-Stylist

smallhatt Feature Films

“Woodlawn”, Costume Supervisor, Woodlawn Production LLC
“My Many Sons”,Costume Designer, My Many Sons LLC
“Nobody”, Costume Designer, Sideburn Cinema
“After Darkness” Key Set Costumer, Camelia Entertainment
“The Identical” Additional Costumer, Identical Productions
“42” Additional Costumer Forbes Fields, LLC
“Stoker” Key Set Costumer, Saddleshoe Productions
“Deadline” Key Set Costumer, Good Film Hunting, LLC
“Outlaw Country” Key Set Costumer Outlaw Productions, LLC
“LOL” Key Set Costumer LOL Productions, LLC
“Country Strong” Set Costumer LDLMD Inc.
“Final Destination 4” Seamstress Flipzide Pictures
“12 Rounds” Key Set Costumer WWE Films Productions
“The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons” Set Costumer/re-shoots Paramount Productions
“The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond” Key Set Costumer Teardrop Productions
“American Violet” Additional Costumer Uncommon Productions
“The Yellow Handkerchief” Key Set Costumer Corbele Film Productions
“The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons” Set Costumer/Fittings Paramount Productions
“Pride” Costumer/Fittings L.I.F.T. Productions
“Premonition” Costume Supervisor Premonition Productions
“The Reaping” Costumer Chime Productions, LLC
“Bug” Ashley Judd’s Costumer L.I.F.T. Productions
“Come Early Morning” Ashley Judd’s Costumer Come Early Morning Prod.
“The Last Holiday” Costumer Paramount Pictures
“The King” Costume Supervisor Corpus Christi, LLC
“The Gunman” Supervisor/Key Costumer Pure Motive
“Rolling Kansas” Supervisor/Key Costumer Rolling Kansas, LLC
“Serving Sara” Set Costumer Flipped Films
“At Any Cost” Key Set Costumer VH1/Charter

smallhatt Television Productions

Reba McEntire – 2019 CMT “Artist of the Year” Recipient “Lifetime Achievement” – Stylist, Dresser
Reba McEntire – 54th CMA Awards, Promo Photoshoot – Stylist & Dresser
Reba McEntire – 2019 Kris Kristopherson Songwriters Award Given to Loretta Lynn – Custom Embroidered Suit – Designer, Seamstress, Tailor, Dresser
Reba McEntire – Host 54th ACM Awards – Stylist & Dresser
Reba McEntire – Celebrity Fight Night – Stylist
Reba McEntire – The Grammys – Stylist
Reba McEntire – Album Cover & Promo 2019 – Stylist & Dresser
Kelly Clarkson – 2019 VIP Tour Display Cases – Wardrobe
“High Profile” – Restoration & Preservation 2019 – Wardrobe
Reba McEntire – The Grammy’s
53rd ACM Awards Reba-Host  Stylist  2018
CMA Christmas Special  Reba-Host  Stylist  2018
2018 Kennedy Center Honors  Reba-Honoree/Recipient  Stylist
The Grammys Reba-Winner  Stylist  2018
51st CMA Awards Reba-Host  Stylist  2017
CMA Christmas Special Reba-Host  Stylist 2017
“Still The King” season 1  CMT Set Costumer 2015-16
“Quarry” Key Set Costumer  Abel Meet Cain Productions, LLC    2013
“Nashville” Additional Costumer Music City Productions 2012
“Nashville” Pilot Additional Costumer Music City Productions 2012
“CMA Music Awards” Designer/Dancers CMA Productions 2011
“Tough Trade” Set Costumer Tough Trade Prod. Inc. 2009
“Elvis” Costumer/Fittings L.I.F.T. Productions 2005
“The History of Blue Bell” Designer/Key Costumer Blue Bell Ice Cream 2001
“Walker Texas Ranger” Set Costumer Amadea Film Production 2001
“Culture of Silence” Designer/Key Costumer H.C.C.T.V. 2000
“Power Lunch” Wardrobe Stylist CNBC 2000
“Animal Planet” Wardrobe Stylist Pennant Productions 1998, 1999
“Jesse Jones-Brother Can You..” Designer/Key Costumer Spy Pond Productions 1998

smallhatt Tour Productions

Reba McEntire – 2019 Tour – Stylist & Dresser
Reba McEntire – 2019 Vegas Residency – Stylist & Dresser
Ace Frehley Band – Custom Wardrobe – 2019 Tour
Loving Mary Band – Custom Wardrobe – 2019
Kelly Clarkson – 2018 Promo Tour – Dresser
Kelly Clarkson – “PromoTour 2017”
Lady Gaga “Dive Bar Tour” – Nashville Mermaid Touring Tailor
Justin Timberlake – Nashville Tailor – Tom Ford Tennman Touring, LLC 2013
Justin Timberlake – Prep Tour Tailor – Tom Ford Tennman Touring, LLC 2013
Jack White III, Tour 2012, Designer, Monotone INC  2012

smallhatt  Music Video

Reba McEntire Masterclass Costumer/Tailor, August 2016
Steven Tyler “Love Is Your Name” Big Feather Productions Stylist 2015
Emma Hewitt “Alive Again” Ruckus Films Stylist 2015
Colton Dixon “More Of You” Stylist, Broken Poet Productions, 2014
Jerrod Niemann “Donkey” Stylist, Broken Poet Productions, 2014
Eric Pasley, “Song About a Girl”, Stylist, Ruckus Films, 2014
The Newsboys, “I Believe”, Stylist, Broken Poet Productions, 2014
Counting Crows “Broken Together”, Stylist, Broken Poet Productions, March 2014
“Spamelot” Wigs Sky Pac 2013
“Shriek” Wigs SkyPac 2012
Sweet Water Rain “Star Shine” Designer/Seamstress Broken Poet Production 2012
Jack White “I’m Shakin”, Designer /Seamstress, Third Man Records 2012
Jack White “Love Interruption” Designer/Costumer/Seam Third Man Records 2011
DMX “Party Up” (Grammy Nomination) Designer/Key Costumer F.M.Rocks 2000
Linda Gayle Lewis “I’d Rather Stay Home” Designer/Key Costumer Cinevox Productions 1997
ZZ Top “She’s Just Killing Me” Key Costumer Oil Factory Inc. 1997
Clay Walker “Hypnotize the Moon” Key Wardrobe, Make-up Bill Young Productions 1995



“That Old Misery” “Henry” Director: Grey Cresey 2017


 Commercial Productions

Lysol – Stylist – Frame Works Studios
VisionWorks – Stylist – Frame Works Studios 2017
Rooms To Go/Blake Shelton Cannonball Productions Wardrobe Assist. March 2016
Krystal Designer’s Assistant Running 4 Cover 2012
Shoney’s Designer’s Assistant Trio Films 2011
Compaq Designer/Key Costumer Media Motion 2000
Compaq-Ipaq Designer/Key Costumer Wild Blue Yonder 2000
Academy Stylist/Key Costumer Locke Bryan Productions 1998, 99, 2000
Conoco Key Wardrobe Cucoloris Films 2000
U of H Designer/Key Costumer Cucoloris Films 1999
Carraba’s Designer/Key Costumer Sycamore Productions 1999
Texas Tourism Designer/Key Costumer Production Works 1999
The Rockets-NBA Key Wardrobe/Make-up M-80 Productions 1999
Houston Arena Referendum Key Wardrobe/Make-up Axelfod & Assoc. Production 1999
Attorney General/P.S.A. Key Wardrobe/Make-up Production Works 1999
Compaq Designer/Key Costumer Compaq 1999
DeBeers “Millennium” Wardrobe Supervisor Will Van Der Vlugt 1999
The Tube Designer/Key Costumer KTBU 1998,1999
“Houston Open” Stylist Berman Films 1999
Kroger Key Wardrobe Koetz & Company 1998
Best Buy Designer/Key Costumer Best Buy Productions 1998
Sonic Key Wardrobe Huge Productions 1998
Entex Gas Key Wardrobe Berman Films 1997
Compaq Designer/1940’s Media Motion 1997
Randall’s Key Wardrobe Bill Young Productions 1997 McDonald’s Costumer 1/33 Productions 1997
Charles Barkley-NBA Key Wardrobe/Seamstress Sunrise Pictures 1997
Hakeem Olajuwon-NBA Key Wardrobe Tony Kaye Films 1996
HL&P Electric Key Wardrobe Tony Kaye Films 1996
NBA Key Wardrobe/Make-up Tony Kaye Films 1996
NBA Key Wardrobe/Make-up Red Cat Productions 1996
“Funny Girl” Debbie Gibson Designer/Seamstress/M-up Bill Young Productions 1996
“Death Trap” Elliot Gould Key Wardrobe Bill Young Productions 1996
“Pokka Coffee” Carl Lewis (Japanese) Designer/Seamstress/M-up Pearlman Productions 1996


 Commercial Print

Advertisement “Don’t Let Your Food Control You”  Custom Build 2015
Mary Lou Retton Stylist/Key Costumer People Magazine 1996
NBA “I Love This Stuff” Key Wardrobe/Make-up Red Cat Productions 1996

smallhatt Documentaries

“The Soul of Nashville”, The Rymon Auditorium, BRC Imagination Arts, Designer 2015

smallhatt Fashion Shows

“Fashion in the Film Industry”, Nashville Film Festival, Fashion Panelist 2014
East Nashville Chicken Chase Fashion Show 2014
O’More School of Design, Fashion Show Judge 2013

smallhatt Related Experience and Skills

Performing Arts Co. Designer and Seamstress of Theatrical Costumes 1995-1996
Houston, TX.
Frankel’s Costume Co. Costume Director of Theatrical Productions 1995
Houston, TX.
Razzle Dazzle Costumes Designer and Seamstress of Theatrical Costumes 1993-1994
Chicago, Ill.
Club Luna Professional Dancer/Manager/Costume Designer 1992-1993
Santa Fe, N.M.
Ace of Clubs Professional Dancer/Costume Designer 1989-1992
Nashville, TN.

smallhatt In Addition:

* 28 yrs.  experience
Production Experience Costume Department
Sewing experience (Fashion, Interior, Upholstery)
Designing and Building Custom Clothing and Costumes
Period Clothing, Costume, and Collecting Vintage

* 9 yrs. Professional Dancer and Theatrical Performer

smallhatt Education

 H.C.C.S. – Fashion Design and Marketing 1995 thru 1997
O’More College of Design – Fashion Design 1990 thru 1991

 Costumer of Motion Pictures, Television and Video

Loretta Harper, expert Designer, Set Costumer and Stylist, has enjoyed over 28 years experience in Feature Films, Television, Music Videos and Commercial Productions.

Daughter of world renowned Elvis Artist, Betty Harper, Loretta followed in her mother’s footsteps. Her mother’s love for art and music permeated every aspect of Loretta’s life, fostering a passion for bringing beautiful images to life.

At a young age, Loretta would make clothes by ripping apart vintage pieces she would find at Thrift Stores, bringing images, fabric and her style to life. She loved being different. She would create and wear things no one else ever had. She had a love for design and vintage fashion, with an eye well trained for creative images from the things her mother exposed her to.

In addition to designing and sewing clothes, Loretta also had a love for music and dance. At age 18, Loretta left Nashville to become a professional dancer. She managed go-go dancers, choreography and clothing design. During this time, Loretta was hired to make 50 period correct costumes for a music video, which landed her a job as a full-time assistant in the film industry. Her first 10 years of experience was spent being a set costumer and building costumes for music videos and TV commercials. The last 15 years of her career was focused entirely on movies. When Loretta is not on a feature film, she designs and makes one of a kind custom clothing for her private clientele.

Loretta has had the opportunity to work with many famous people, including: Elliott Gould, Ann-Margret, Nicole Kidman, Ashley Judd, Sandra Bullock, Demi Moore, William Hurt, Brad Pitt, Charles Barkley, and hundreds more.

With clients spanning from Warner Brothers to Paramount Productions, Jack White, Third Man Records to Bill Young Productions and with recent work on the CMA Music Awards.

Loretta returned to Nashville to be closer to her beloved Mom. Since then,  Loretta has spent the majority of her time designing, creating and styling for feature films and music videos. Loretta’s love for executing one-of-a-kind costumes for movies, shows and stars we have come to know and love.

“I believe in finding and expressing one’s own INDIVIDUAL STYLE.” – Loretta Harper